In the sign of fire

From the discovery of fire to the modern fireplace.

From History to Interior Design: The Charm of Medici Vases

The Charm of Medici Vases: History, Art and Contemporary Design. The Medici vases represent some [...]

The column: style, luxury and design.

The column has always played a key role in the creation of sumptuous and elegant [...]

The obelisk between history and mystery

The name derives from the tejen hieroglyph which, in the sacred language of the ancient [...]

The choice of marble

“I choose a block of marble and cut away anything unnecessary.” Auguste Rodin Marble is [...]

The game of chess

“Although it may seem strange to many, in general I consider that in chess everything [...]

Terracotta from antiquity to excellence

Things Clay is the raw material of terracotta, a natural material, used since prehistoric times [...]

Carrara marble

White Carrara marble is the marble par excellence, the natural Italian stone known and appreciated [...]

The eternal perfection of marble.

History and legend The very name “marble” evokes, in its derivation from the Greek marmaros [...]