From History to Interior Design: The Charm of Medici Vases

The Charm of Medici Vases: History, Art and Contemporary Design.

The Medici vases represent some of the most fascinating examples of ancient art, admired for their beauty and richness of decoration. These vases, are famous by this appellation because they are part of the collections of the Medici, a powerful Renaissance family that played an important role in the history of Italy. They are extraordinary testimonies to the aesthetic taste and interest in antiquity that characterized this period.


The Medici Vase: A Journey in Classical Art

The origin of these vessels is very ancient, dating back to the Greek world, and they were also used by the Romans and Etruscans. Vases existed in different shapes, but this one in particular is called the crater shape. A crater is a container with a very wide mouth and a large body, used for wine and water during banquets. There are different types of Crater: Kelébe, Volute, Chalice, and Bell. Differences are due to details such as handles or body shape.
The crater (κρατήρ, plural κρατῆρες, kratḕres; from the Greek verb κεράννυμι kerànnymi, “to mix”) was a large vessel used for mixing wine and water in the Greek symposium. During the banquet, craters were placed in the center of the room and filled with wine, to which water was added to dilute it and lower the alcohol content.


«οἱ μὲν ἄρ’ οἶνον ἔμισγον ἐνὶ κρητῆρσι καὶ ὕδωρ»

(Odyssey I, 110)

“They mixed in the craters wine and water.”

From Renaissance Palaces to Modern Houses: Medici Vases Today

Medici vases represent a bridge between the ancient world and the Renaissance. These masterpieces continue to be admired not only for their artistry and elegance, but also for their cultural significance, reflecting the enduring appeal of antiquity in art history.
They are extraordinary works of art and valuable historical documents that enable us to better understand the culture and aesthetics of ancient Greece and other civilizations that influenced medieval and Renaissance art. These vases, produced in different periods and in various styles, are characterized by extraordinary craftsmanship and rich iconography ranging from mythological scenes to everyday life.

In the contemporary world, antique Medici vases can be brought back into the limelight as luxury and design objects, revisited and reinterpreted to suit contemporary tastes and needs.
Decorating the garden with Medici vases is a unique way to add a touch of elegance and history to the outdoor environment. In fact, with their rich history and artistic beauty, they can be strategically placed at various points in the garden to create a charming and refined atmosphere.
They can be used in luxury homes, hotels and prestigious commercial spaces. Placed along pathways, next to fountains or as centerpieces in rest and relaxation areas, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to environments.
In the private collections of art enthusiasts and collectors, these pieces represent artistic beauty and historical depth.

The motifs and shapes of ancient Medici vases are an inspiration for contemporary designers. The elegant lines, noble material and refined forms can be reinterpreted in innovative and contemporary ways. Fine materials and traditional craft techniques make these vases true symbols of status and prestige.

Tradition and Modernity: Medici Vases in Current Design

Ancient Medici vases remain extraordinary witnesses to human creativity and the timeless beauty of art.

They have always been considered symbols of refinement and culture. In Renaissance art they were often used as background elements for portraits, indicating the subject’s wealth or education. More than just a decorative object, the Medici vase has become a symbol of erudition, history and cultural continuity.

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