The column: style, luxury and design.

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The column has always played a key role in the creation of sumptuous and elegant buildings and interiors. While on the architectural level it has a purely structural function, in interior decoration it can become the fil-rouge that creates a true dialogue between furniture elements, even when choosing contrasting styles.

Since classical times, the Greeks made extensive decorative use of different types of columns for dwellings. The Romans took their cue from them by even taking it a step further to the point of making columns a supporting element for the interiors of palaces, temples, and other public buildings as well.

Today, in an age that has cleared all clichés, columns in an interior environment express many decorative and aesthetic possibilities, giving the room a unique and different touch.

Turning them into an integral part of the decor, and avoiding too strong contrasts, will create a welcoming and harmonious space. Instead, focusing on contrasting materials and shapes will result in an innovative and modern effect.

Used, for example, as a top to support important pieces of furniture, sculptures, busts or vases, they will create an extremely elegant focal point. Also ideal for creating a division in modern open spaces, living rooms and large showrooms, without making structural interventions.

In settings with a classic taste, paired with furnishings and antiques, the marble column will enhance the timeless taste. In minimalist and essential design contexts, they will be able to infuse a touch of classic elegance that is sure to make an impact. It will prove easy to match in the most modern Art Nouveau and Rococo-inspired settings.