Carrara marble

White Carrara marble is the marble par excellence, the natural Italian stone known and appreciated all over the world both for its incomparable aesthetic qualities and for its structural, physical and morphological characteristics, which make it unique and incredibly versatile. All the great sculptors have measured themselves with this material which in the clearest variety is not by chance called Statuary . It is the marble of the great Italian Renaissance , which has delivered the magnificence of cities like Florence and works such as Michelangelo’s David, considered the most perfect masterpiece of all to the immotality of the times.


The background tone is pearly white , slightly cloudy. It has more or less present and evident grayish intrusions and points, grayish variegated veins , millimeter or centimeter. Bianco di Carrara is a crystalline marble, with variable grain from fine to medium, homogeneous and compact. It is characterized by a very high percentage of calcium carbonate: white calcite crystals. Calcite has a low refractive index: it allows light to penetrate the stone and give it a special luster, before being reflected. This feature makes white marble precious and refined: it is an elegant material that gives brightness to the rooms.

It is suitable for large sculptures and coverings, but also for small works and objects. Always used in sacred places, in monumental coatings including modern skyscrapers and in funerary art. It is preferable to place it indoors; for outdoor environments it is advisable to evaluate the specific conditions. It falls into the category of polishable stones. It is suitable for any type of finish, but the glossy finish is the most used to bring out the elegance of the streaks.

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