Polychrome Marble Bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius H 60cm

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  • Height 60cm, base 20x20cm. Weight approximately 70kg.
  • Italy Handmade Any differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of uniqueness of the item and material.
  • The marble bust has always been a recurring subject in classical decorative arts. It has recently regained a place of honor in interior design and decoration, where it adapts perfectly to the new contexts of liberty and baroque inspiration but also, by contrast, to clean and essential lines.
  • The use of various types of marble gives life to an evident yet balanced chromatic contrast which makes this work impressive and suitable for luxury contexts. It naturally enhances antique furnishings and dark, fine woods above all, but fits in with great style even in the most modern contexts.
  • On a symbolic level, the marble bust conveys power and authority; it has always been found in the world’s most important and exclusive palaces and gardens.

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Polychrome Marble Bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius H 60cm