Marquinia Black Marble Sphere with Sphere Rest Ø 12cm


  • Diameter 12cm, base height 10cm. Total height 22 cm, weight about 4 kg.
  • The perfect shape of the sphere is almost enveloped, welcomed, in all the charm of the material. The grain enhances not only the material itself, but also and especially the strength from the craftsmanship, dispensing pure emotions. The durability and high quality materials make this item an immortal piece of furniture.
  • The SPHERE is symbol of perfection, of absolute regularity. Its geometric definition as “the locus of points in space that all have equal distance from a fixed point, called the center.” could not and cannot but assign it a unique role in the collective imagination.
  • MARQUINIA BLACK MARBLE is characterized by a compact black background color and is crisscrossed with obvious white veins in a diagonal pattern, giving it an original and modern appearance that is never predictable. Even within the same block it is possible to find slabs that differ from each other in color distribution and grain movement.
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Marquinia Black Marble Sphere with Sphere Rest Ø 12cm