White Carrara and Brown Marble Julius Caesar Bust


Bust of Caesar hand-carved in white Carrara marble and brown Breccia with green and deep brown veins.

  • Height 60cm. Weight about 50kg.

  • White Carrara marble and Brown Breccia. Natural finish. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • We make sculptures and works in marble on commission.
  • Any imperfections or differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of uniqueness.
  • Carrara marble has a pearly white background tone, slightly cloudy with more or less present and evident grayish intrusions and points. The Marrone Breccia marble has a background color that can vary from beige to very intense brown with evident color intrusions, from green to intense brown to beige. The result is an evident chromatic contrast that makes this work imposing and suitable for luxury contexts, to enhance antique furnishings or modern living rooms.
  • Undoubtedly one of the most recurring subjects of art and architecture, the marble bust also plays an important role in the modern conception of architecture and interior design. The classic and timeless taste of the bust adapts perfectly to the new Baroque-inspired contexts, but also, by contrast, to the clean and essential lines.


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