Pair of Black and Gray Marble Spheres with Sphere Rest Ø 15cm


  • 15cm diameter, 11cm base height. Total height 26 cm, weight about 4.5 kg each.
  • The perfect shape of the sphere is almost enveloped, welcomed, in all the charm of the material. The grain enhances not only the material itself, but also and especially the strength from the craftsmanship, dispensing pure emotions. The durability and high quality materials make this item an immortal piece of furniture.
  • The SPHERE is symbol of perfection, of absolute regularity. Its geometric definition as “the locus of points in space that all have equal distance from a fixed point, called the center.” could not and cannot but assign it a unique role in the collective imagination.
  • Marble is the noblest of natural stones and is widely used for fine ornamental work. Its compact black color is shot through with obvious gray veins in a diagonal pattern that give it an original and modern look that is never obvious. The marble’s fine grain, its brilliance, and the color contrast created by the night-black background with its gray veins make it an incredibly popular marble when used alone or alongside other marbles.
  • The alternation between the veins of a luminous gray and the dense black grain is visually appealing and extremely elegant, so much so that marble is a favorite choice of interior designers, especially for flooring, wall coverings, stairs, and fireplaces, with a predilection for high-end and luxury residences.
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Pair of Black and Gray Marble Spheres with Sphere Rest Ø 15cm