Virgin and Son in Garland Wall Decoration Ø 38cm


  • Available on request in lava gray variant.

  • Handmade in Italy in Impruneta terracotta. Modeling in high relief. Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of natural material.

  • Wall decoration equipped with holes for hanging. A classic and timeless subject, it will harmonize by assonance or contrast with a wide variety of decorative styles, from classic-retro to the most contemporary minimal. With its neutral and versatile color with warm notes, it evokes all that is natural and authentic. Perfect as a stand-alone piece on a wall, it is a versatile and timeless decorative element.

  • Inspired by Renaissance art, thanks to the garland full of beneaguring symbols such as flowers and fruits, the Virgin and Child is a classic decoration. The refined roundel harks back to 15th-century Florentine culture, particularly the skillful works of the Della Robbia, great interpreters of Renaissance craftsmanship.

  • The PROCESSING: each object made of terracotta Is shaped by hand, with high relief work. Implementation requires precise timing of processing, natural temperature drying, baking, natural temperature cooling. Delivery of some items, if unavailable, may take about 20 days.

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Virgin and Son in Garland Wall Decoration Ø 38cm