Top Model Italian Terracotta Sculpture


Top Model Italian Terracotta Sculpture Figure of a Woman
Height 176 cm, Length 40 cm, Width 22 cm. Weight about 140 kg.

Available on request in the LAVA GRAY VARIANT at the price of € 3350.00.

Terracotta sculpture handmade in Italy. The stylized design and the versatile material make it a unique piece, suitable for any type of environment and furniture, from classic to modern. The warm tones enhance the elegance of classic and antique furnishings and give a decisive touch of refinement to modern and design environments.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor environments, resistant to any temperature and climatic condition. The sculpture is perforated inside and this allows you to create a structure to fix it to the ground.

Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of natural material.

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