Marquinia Black Marble Decorated Fireplace L 150cm


  • Width 150cm, Height 120cm, Depth 30cm.
    Weight about 150 kg. Shipping Weight 250 Kg.
  • The frame is also suitable for gas or flame simulation devices.
  • Made in Italy. Any imperfections and differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of uniqueness.
  • Fireplace frame, made and carved in MARQUINIA BLACK marble with Louis XVI style decoration. The brilliance of the natural stone is enhanced by the sinuous decorations in perfect Louis VXI style. The juxtaposition of classic floral decorations with the modern shiny black, delicately veined with white, typical of Marquina black, make this frame a perfect centrepiece for settings with a contemporary taste.
  • NERO MARQUINIA is a deep black marble with a compact background, characterised by irregular white and grey veins, more or less marked with a preferably diagonal pattern. It is a versatile material, applied in different types of projects for design environments. Often favoured for large indoor and outdoor wall coverings such as floors, stairs, and swimming pool coverings, it is also used in fine furnishings such as columns and fireplaces.
  • The Louis XVI style predates the reign of Louis XVI, from whom it takes its name, by a few years and marks the transition from the redundant and bizarre forms of Rococo to the more sober Neoclassicism. The common thread is undoubtedly the reference to classical culture, both Greek and Roman. The return to these models led to a preference for a composure of forms and symmetrical decorations that still make the Louis XVI style synonymous with high quality workmanship and elegance.
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