White Marble Fireplace Frame L 150cm


  • Width 150cm, Height 120cm, Depth 30cm.
    Weight about 150 kg. Shipping Weight 250 kg.
  • The frame is also suitable for gas or flame simulation devices.
  • Made in Italy. Any imperfections and differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of uniqueness.
  • Fireplace frame made and carved from classic white marble. Essential yet aesthetically striking decorations make this frame not only the completion of a functional fireplace, but also a decorative furnishing element that gives character to the whole room. It will go easily with classic furnishings and important antiques, but also, by contrast, with the clean lines of modern and designer settings.
  • Carrara MARBLE, a timeless classic, is also a valuable ally of the most modern concepts of interior decoration. Its elegant and unobtrusive appeal makes it suitable for any type of environment and decor, from classic to modern, giving an undisputed touch of elegance and value.
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