Bust of Woman Sculpture in Carrara Marble H 43cm


  • Height 43cm, width 24cm. Sculpture in White Carrara marble.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Slight variations can be caused by artistic workmanship and the use of high-quality natural materials.
  • Carrara marble has a pearly white background tone, slightly cloudy with more or less present and evident greyish intrusions and dots.The origin of the bust in the history of art is very ancient.
  • On a symbolic level, the bust expresses the desire to preserve the living and real memory of the person in the portrait. In an image in which the face represents the compendium of moral and physical qualities and the head the seat of his soul.
  • The timeless aesthetic perfection of Sculpture , has accompanied us since Antiquity. If the marble flesh is shaped following a precise study of forms and features, the spirits contained within them struggle to emerge from these extraordinary containers, which are too good to be true.
  • Perfect anatomies, mysterious souls surpassing reality, always turning to ideal beauty. Whether they are mythological figures, literary or religious characters, allegorical representations, women of unparalleled beauty, they are always works that are inspired by the past while turning to the future.


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