Woman Sculpture with Vase in White Carrara Marble and Tibetan Breccia.


Hand Made Polychrome Woman Statue.

  • Height 120cm.
  • White Carrara marble and Tibetan Breccia. Natural finish.
  • We create sculptures and works in Carrara marble on commission.
  • Handmade sculpture.
  • Carrara marble sculptures have always been a recurring subject in the sculpture and architecture of the largest gardens and palaces in the world.
  • The statue depicts an elegant woman holding a vase, the skill of the sculpture is observed in the details of the clothes that cover the body and seem light, the modeling of the lips is just puckered, in a sort of mysterious smile, it is, of the attempt to bring the natural curvature of the mouth back to the plane of the face.
  • The Tibetan Breccia is a gray, black stone characterized by the presence of lighter colored spots. These spots are the traces of the elements that have settled over the years.
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