Wind Rose Decorative Terracotta Panel Ø 36cm

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  • Diameter 36cm, weight about 4kg.
  • Available in lava gray.
    Handmade in Italy in Impruneta terracotta. Modeling in high relief. Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of natural material.
  • Wall decoration equipped with holes for hanging. Suitable for outdoor and indoor environments, resistant to any temperature and weather conditions, the shape remains unchanged and acquires a unique appearance with time.
  • The decorative panel represents the 16-pointed Wind Rose. The name comes from the arrangement of rhombuses that make up the design and originally indicated the directions from which the winds blow. The rhombuses are arrayed in a circle, overlapping one another, like the petals of a rose.
  • THE WORKMANSHIP: Each terracotta object is shaped by hand, with high relief work. The creation of each object requires precise processing times, drying at natural temperature, baking in the oven, cooling at natural temperature. Delivery of some items may take about 20 days, which may also vary depending on weather conditions.
  • La TERRACOTTA originated primarily to decorate outdoor spaces, but over time it has come into use for rooms in the home as well, becoming a sign that immediately shifts the atmosphere toward bold, high-impact flavors.
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Wind Rose Decorative Terracotta Panel Ø 36cm