White Carrara Marble Centerpiece Bowl Ø 20cm


  • 20 cm diameter. Height 6 cm. White Carrara marble.
  • Available in other sizes and materials.
  • Made in Italy. Any differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of uniqueness.
  • Fine Italian marble bowl with an essential and elegant shape. Functionality and style meet in this refined addition that fits into any type of environment and decor, from classic to modern. Perfect in combination with classic woods, porcelain and antique furniture, it will also enhance minimalist lines and modern materials, such as steel, glass and concrete, dear to the latest interior design trends. It can be used both as a container and as a valuable piece of furniture.
  • The cleanliness of the shape and the preciousness of the material make it a unique and valuable object, suitable for all types of environments and furnishings, from classic to modern. Combining elegance and modernity, it goes well with dark, fine woods as well as innovative materials such as glass and concrete, favored by modern interior design concepts.
  • White Carrara marble has a pearly white background tone with more or less present and evident grayish veins. It naturally enhances antique furnishings and fine dark woods, but it also sits stylishly in more modern signature contexts.

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