Venus with the Pome Marble Sculpture Various Sizes


  • Marble sculpture with polished alabaster base.
  • Each Sculpture is unique in the nuances and details of the forms, slight variations from the image are to be considered a guarantee of the uniqueness of the object and materials.
  • Artistic work that allows the creation of Sculptures that are very detailed and unique in their beauty that makes them close to the real thing. Marble is a solid and aesthetically beautiful fine material. In the contemporary view of Ethics to Sustainability, Marble production is able to realize a unique work, capable of conveying a truly unique and natural visual and tactile emotion.
  • The Venus with Pome sculpture represents a Venus with an apple. In the Homeric epic, the apple is the fruit of discord. According to the myth, Eris, goddess of discord, threw it on the table where some gods were feasting, saying it was meant for the most beautiful goddess. Among the three goddesses who demanded it was Venus, who eventually succeeded in winning it.
  • The sculpture depicts Venus after the beauty contest. With one hand he grabs the clothes on the tree stump to put them back on. With the other he holds the beauty mark. The work testifies to the artist’s ability to depict with extreme realism the female figure in all her elegant sensuality, delicately rendered by the immaculate marble surface.
  • A refined and symbolic work of great elegance and strong visual impact, it ennobles any environment with its scenic presence. The Venus with Pome can become a focal element for the decoration of a wide variety of environments, indoor and outdoor, from modern living rooms and showrooms to important gardens and event and reception halls.
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Venus with the Pome Marble Sculpture Various Sizes
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