Terracotta Bottle Holder H 19cm

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  • Outer diameter 10cm, height 19cm. Weight about 1.5Kg.
  • Available in lava gray.
  • The Bottle Holder is handmade from Impruneta terracotta and is perfect for serving wines elegantly at the table.
  • Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of natural material.
  • Stylish and useful accessory for bringing wine to the table or decorating spaces.
    The typical isothermal characteristics of terracotta allow it to keep the wine at the right temperature. Terracotta protects from the sun’s rays, does not alter humidity and is thermo-inerte, preserving the wine from temperature changes. It can be stored in the freezer for a few hours and thus also become a glacette for keeping white or rosé wines cool.
  • Refined and functional, this object encapsulates the characteristic mood of the most modern design concepts, which are precisely rediscovering the use of ancient materials for designs with a contemporary flavor.
  • THE WORKMANSHIP: Each terracotta object is shaped by hand, with high relief work. The creation requires precise processing times, drying at natural temperature, baking, cooling at natural temperature. Delivery of some items, if unavailable, may take about 20 days.
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Terracotta Bottle Holder H 19cm