White Marble Sculpture Botero Torso Woman H 35cm


  • Height 35cm, base 15x15cm.
  • Italy Handmade Any differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of uniqueness of the item and material.
  • The white marble bust of a woman , inspired by Botero’s unmistakable style, embodies the curvilinear beauty and majesty of art. The round, sensuous shapes convey a sense of strength and femininity. The effect of white marble gives the bust a timeless elegance, while the careful details catch the eye and inspire admiration. This sculpture is a unique work of art that can enrich any environment.
  • White marble is admired for its brightness, purity and elegance. Its light shade brings brightness to rooms, creating a refined and sophisticated atmosphere. It is considered a luxury and high-value material. Its presence in a room can enhance its prestige and beauty, giving it a sense of refinement and class.
  • On a symbolic level, the marble bust conveys power and authority; it has always been found in the world’s most important and exclusive palaces and gardens.

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