Sahara Noir Marble Column Italian Interior Design H 100cm

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  • Height 100 cm, Base 24 cm, Diameter 12 cm.
  • Made from high-quality materials and crafted with precision craftsmanship, this column embodies timeless elegance. With a height of 100 cm, it is perfect for displaying artwork, flower pots or adding a distinctive architectural element to your home.
  • Glossy finish. Suitable for outdoor and indoor environments. Handmade in Italy. Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of precious natural materials.
  • From a historical and architectural point of view, the Columns constitute and symbolize height, strength and lift, referring to the same meanings also on a symbolic and spiritual level.
  • Made of Black Sahara Noir marble a natural stone of astonishing originality, it is an incredible material to which nature has imparted flair, elegance, purity and definition at the same time.
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Colonna in marmo nero Sahara Noir arredo design lusso
Sahara Noir Marble Column Italian Interior Design H 100cm