Pair of India Yellow Marble Columns H 100cm


  • Handmade in Italy. Height 100 cm, base and capital 24×24 cm, shaft diameter approximately 12 cm. Peso 60Kg ciascuna.
  • Columns in architecture represent the cornerstones of a building, thus symbolizing stability, balance and solidity.
    Like many vertical elements, they symbolically connect Earth and Sky, becoming an expression of men’s gratitude towards the gods, as well as stability, strength and perfect balance.
  • Imposing and elegant, columns, in an interior setting, are an impressive decorative solution, suitable for any style, from classic to modern. They will easily combine with important antiques, but also with the more modern styles of liberty and rococo inspiration. In contrast with the clean lines of modern and design settings, they will instead be able to give a touch of timeless elegance.
  • INDIA YELLOW MARBLE It is characterized by a dark yellow background color and is heterogeneous due to the presence of veins with shades ranging from ivory white to light yellow to a very intense ochre and reddish yellow. It has been appreciated since ancient times and has always been used in the making of both prestigious decorative objects and jewelry.
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