Pair of Columns or Base in Giallo Siena Marble H 54cm


  • Height 54cm, Diameter 20cm, Weight approx. 35 kg each. SIENA YELLOW and CARRARA WHITE marble. Available ON ORDER in other sizes and materials. Delivery about 30 days.
  • Handmade in Italy with the highest quality materials extracted and selected from the best companies in the industry. Slight variations can be caused by handwork and the use of natural materials.
  • A column with a smooth shaft, made from a combination of two excellent Italian marbles: Siena yellow and Carrara white. Perfect furnishing accessory for all types of environments and furnishings, from classic to modern. The charm of natural stone, with its unrepeatable veining, combined with craftsmanship, make each of these columns a unique and unrepeatable piece. Destined by nature to last, marble is here worked with the canons of excellence and it seems, even in photography, to palpate all its robust essence.
  • GIALLO SIENA MARBLE is characterised by a yellow background colour and is heterogeneous due to the presence of veins with shades ranging from ivory white to light yellow to a very intense ochre and reddish yellow. BIANCO CARRARA marble has a pearly white background tone, slightly cloudy with more or less evident greyish intrusions and dots. Natural marble elegantly matches the most diverse contexts, giving rooms an undisputed classic and elegant touch.
  • The vividness of the veining and the contrasting colours of the two materials create elegant colour plays, which can be appreciated thanks to the glossy finish. Ideal for enhancing the elegance of antique furnishings, but also for giving a decisive touch of refinement to modern or rustic environments. The column, like many vertical elements, symbolically connects Earth and Heaven, becoming a symbol of man’s gratitude to the gods, as well as of stability, strength and perfect balance.
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Pair of Columns or Base in Giallo Siena Marble H 54cm