Onyx Centerpiece Large Decorative Tray L 50cm


  • Natural Onyx Stone Centerpiece. Size 50x 35cm. 14cm high.
  • Italy Handmade Each piece is unique and carefully crafted, perfect for adding a touch of class and beauty to your home
  • Each tray made of this material is different in shape, size and color. Unique piece that combines the elegance of onyx with the rustic beauty of its natural crust.
  • This bowl has a smooth, glossy surface on the inside, while the outside features the natural, irregular texture of the crust.
    Versatile and refined, this centerpiece bowl fits easily into a wide variety of settings, from classic to modern. A gift idea, collector’s item or simple decorative item, it will be able to add a touch of elegance and luxury to any room in the home.
  • Onyx is a stone with large areas of dark and light colors alternating with lines and veins. Light-colored veins are normally transparent to light. The main characteristic of onyxes is the veined texture. The surface has surface cracking lines that are to be considered solely and exclusively a specific characteristic of this type of marble.
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Onyx Centerpiece Large Decorative Tray L 50cm