Centerpiece with Green Obsidian Flower 20x12cm


  • Size 20x12cm. Height 3cm.
  • Fine centerpiece with central decoration handcrafted with green OSSIDIAN, a precious volcanic stone with a typical shiny glass-like appearance and deep green color. A refined and valuable object, it will enhance the environment in which it is placed, matching both modern and classic furnishings.
  • OXIDIAN is a volcanic stone known since the dawn of civilization and belonging to the class of oxides. It is for all intents and purposes a glass, generated by the rapid cooling of lava, inside of which are large amounts of silica.
  • Unique and valuable object fits easily within a variety of contexts and furnishings, from classic to modern. With multifunctional value, this centerpiece, can be interpreted as a holder and is a perfect gift idea.
  • The elegance of the shape and the preciousness of the material make it a unique and valuable object, suitable for all kinds of environments and furnishings, from classic to modern. Combining elegance and modernity, it goes well with dark, fine woods as well as innovative materials such as glass and concrete, favored by modern interior design concepts.
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