Madonna and Child Lava Gray Terracotta Wall Decoration H 24cm


  • Size 14x24cm. Weight about 1.5kg.
    Available in the classic variant.
  • Handmade in Italy from Impruneta terracotta. Modeling in high relief. Slight variations may be determined by artistic workmanship and the use of natural material.
  • Wall decoration equipped with holes for hanging. Suitable for outdoor and indoor environments, resistant to any temperature and weather conditions, the form remains unchanged and acquires a unique appearance with time.
  • The depiction of the Madonna and Child has always been a cherished subject in the history of Western Art. The faces of the subjects represent love with gentleness and elegance.
  • The lava gray color is obtained by adding of a mineral oxide to the clay mixture, so that the object has a metal gray hue. All the characteristics of the terracotta remain unchanged.
  • THE PROCESSING: Each terracotta object is shaped by hand, working in high relief. The making of each object requires precise processing times, natural temperature drying, kiln firing, and natural temperature cooling. Delivery of some objects may take about 20 days, which may also vary according to weather conditions.
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Madonna and Child Lava Gray Terracotta Wall Decoration H 24cm