Egyptian Nefertiti Bust in Marble Bronze Effect Various Sizes


  • Egyptian Nefertiti Bust in Marble Bronze Effect Various Sizes
  • Each sculpture is unique in the nuances and details of the forms, slight variations from the image are to be considered a guarantee of the uniqueness of the object and materials.
  • The luster of the bronze effect enhances the sinuosity of the forms giving a beautiful light-shadow effect traceable especially among the small carvings of the statue; the result is a sculpture that appears very realistic and expressive.
  • This work tells of a warm, sun-soaked, beautiful, mysterious, enchanting country that gave birth to the same mysterious and unique style. Its ethnic direction seems to convey a whisper from the depths of the centuries, beckoning with forever lost secrets of an ancient civilization that created majestic pyramids, a mysterious sphinx and left many legends and mysteries unknown.
  • A refined and symbolic work of great elegance and strong visual impact, it ennobles any environment with its scenic presence. The Venus sculpture can become a focal element for the decoration of a wide variety of environments, indoors and out, from modern living rooms and showrooms to important gardens and halls for events and receptions.
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