Decorative terracotta pinecone H 22cm


  • Height 22 cm, Outer diameter 9 cm.
  • Weight about 1 kg.
  • Available on request in lava gray variant.
  • THE WORKMANSHIP: Each terracotta object is shaped by hand, with high relief work. The creation of each object requires precise processing times, drying at natural temperature, baking in the oven, cooling at natural temperature. Delivery of some items may take about 20 days, which may also vary depending on weather conditions.
  • Handmade with clay from Impruneta. Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of natural material. Suitable for OUTDOOR and INDOOR environments, resistant to any temperature and weather condition.
  • With its many profound meanings, a symbol of good fortune, a symbol of the soul and a bridge linking the human to the divine, it can be placed on balconies or near entrance gates to bring prosperity to the home, as well as in the bedroom and any room in the house. The seeds symbolize generative force and fertility so, in many parts of Italy, it is given to young couples precisely to wish prosperity.
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