Black Marble Dolphins Sculpture


Dolphin sculpture in black marble. Height 42 cm, depth 28 cm.

Refined table sculpture depicting dolphins, handmade in black marble. The harmony and elegance of the work are enhanced by the value and uniqueness of the stone.

It is an article entirely produced in Italy. Any imperfections and differences with the image are to be considered a guarantee of the uniqueness of the object and of the material.

Marble has always held a place of honor in the architecture and decoration of interiors and exteriors, and modern interior designers have not struggled to find the right place for it, by assonance or by contrast, in the most varied types of environments and furnishings, from the classic to modern. Durability, unique and unrepeatable colors and the indisputable value, make it suitable for the most varied processes and finishes, from minute objects to impressive furnishing accessories, such as columns and fireplaces. Each type of marble has its particular natural shades that make each object unique, even a small sculpture or any object of daily use.

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