India Green Granite Column Italian Interior Design H 100cm

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  • Height 100 cm, base and capital 24×24 cm, shaft diameter approximately 12 cm. Weight about 60 kg.
  • Slight variations can be determined by the processing and use of precious natural materials.
  • Made from premium granite, this column is durable and will last, adding a touch of class and sophistication to any setting. Its India green color adds depth and character, while the glossy finish lends a touch of sophistication.
  • The columns, in an internal environment, express many decorative and aesthetic possibilities, giving the environment a unique and elegant touch. Used, for example, as a top to support important pieces of furniture, sculptures, busts or vases, they will create an extremely elegant focal point. Also ideal for creating a division in open spaces, halls and large showrooms, without carrying out structural interventions.
  • On a symbolic level, the column, like many vertical elements, connects Earth and Sky, becoming a symbol of men’s gratitude towards the gods, as well as stability, strength and perfect balance.
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Colonna in Granito verde
India Green Granite Column Italian Interior Design H 100cm