Backgammon Carved White Marble Table Game 30x22cm


  • Length 30cm, width 22cm.
  • White marble. Also available in other materials.
  • Backgammon board game hand carved in Italy. It fits very well in luxury contexts of contemporary or more classical inspiration.
  • A real unique piece for board game enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate elegance and aesthetic value.
  • Backgammon is a board game for two players. Each player has 15 pawns which he moves along 24 triangles by rolling two dice. The aim of the game is to be able to remove all one’s checkers, trying to block the opponent. In backgammon the cycles of life can be identified: the pawns, discordant chromatic elements represent the alternation of day and night, the number of points the months of the year, the 30 pawns the days of the month, the roll of the dice the revolution of the planets.
  • The stylized and clean design makes it an object suitable for giving a refined touch to the rooms of the house where it is displayed, such as the living room or the dining room. It is of great impact both in settings with a modern taste and in more classic ones, combined with materials such as glass, marble and natural concrete. The clean lines give the sculpture a modern baroque style that goes well with the most varied contexts, from antiques to vintage.
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Backgammon Carved White Marble Table Game 30x22cm