Bust of Apollo of Belvedere Marble Sculpture Various Sizes


  • Marble sculpture with polished alabaster base.
  • Each Sculpture is unique in the nuances and details of the forms, slight variations from the image are to be considered a guarantee of the uniqueness of the object and materials.
  • Artistic work that allows the creation of Sculptures that are very detailed and unique in their beauty that makes them close to the real thing. In the contemporary view of Ethics to Sustainability, Marble production is able to realize a unique work, capable of conveying a truly unique and natural visual and tactile emotion.
  • The Bust depicts the god Apollo, from the work also known as Apollo Pythicus in the Vatican Museums. Apollo of the Belvedere is considered the highest ideal of art among all ancient works. It is considered for its depiction without veins and tendons, the sign of a divine spirit.
  • The figure of Apollo has been celebrated in many works of art and literature, becoming a symbol of male perfection and beauty. His influence is still present in contemporary culture.
  • A refined and symbolic work of great elegance and strong visual impact, it ennobles any environment with its scenic presence. Belvedere’s Bust of Apollo Sculpture can become a focal element for the decoration of a wide variety of environments, indoor and outdoor, from modern living and showrooms to important gardens and event and reception halls.
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