Sail with Sun Sculpture in White and Orange Marble Various Sizes


  • Handcrafted table sculpture made of white and orange marble. Glossy finish
    Available in various sizes and materials.
  • Italy Handmade Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of precious natural materials.
  • Sailing is more than just a nautical term; it encapsulates centuries of human exploration history and evokes strong poetic and emotional images. It is often associated with concepts such as freedom, adventure and challenging the unknown. In many idioms and cultures, it is used metaphorically to represent a journey or adventure in life. In art and literature, the sail is often depicted as a symbol of hope or change.
  • Refined table sculpture with polished finish, marine-themed handcrafted from marble. Material and color make it perfect for classic and modern furnishings.


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