Original 1975 Art Print Etching by Moretti 50x35cm


  • Original etching signed by the artist Moretti del 1975. Made of art paper. Size 50×35 cm. Limited edition. Specimen numbered 59/100. Dimensione Lastra 19x27cm.
  • Unique and original solution, with great visual and emotional impact allows you to customize the environment and transform spaces into a unique reflection of your own tastes and desires. From finishes to sizes, customization with this signature print offers a custom furniture experience that goes beyond expectations.
  • This work is the right choice for those who want to add character to their spaces and give a personal and versatile style to any room, regardless of the square footage available. Ideal for personalizing intimate spaces in one’s home, for decorating studios and showrooms with sophistication and elegance, or as a prized collector’s item.
  • Furnishing with original prints, in addition to embellishing spaces, allows you to give them functionality and efficiency, without sacrificing a well-defined style to create a unique atmosphere through art.
  • A noble and ancient technique that requires precision and mastery, which are essential for a perfect engraving that will form the soul of the artwork that takes shape on the white sheet.
  • Unique and original work in limited production. Original, hand-signed artwork. Detailed, remarkable contrasts of black and white and vivid, bright colors, suitable for decorating any room or art collection.
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