Natural Onyx Bowl L 41cm

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  • Length 41 cm. Depth 28 cm. Natural Onyx.
    Polished finish.
  • Italy Handmade Slight variations may be brought about by processing and the use of natural materials.
  • Unique and valuable objectsits easily within a variety of contexts and furnishings, from classic to modern. With multifunctional value, this bowl can become a centerpiece, holder, a perfect gift idea or a fine wedding favor.
  • Volcano Onyx is a clouded onyx with large areas of dark and light honey brown alternating with lighter lines and veins. Light-colored veins are normally transparent to light. The main characteristic of onyxes is the veined texture. The surface has surface cracking lines that are to be considered solely and exclusively a specific characteristic of this type of marble.
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Natural Onyx Bowl L 41cm