Onyx Room Fragrance Diffuser with Natural Wood Sticks


  • Onyx material.
  • Handmade in Italy. Slight variations can be determined by the artistic workmanship and the use of precious natural materials.
  • Suitable for any type of environment and furniture, from classic to modern.
  • The ideal place to place a diffuser is always the central area of the room, on a table or cabinet. The passageways and the doors and windows are the perfect places because they create air displacements that help the spread of the fragrance in a homogeneous way.
  • Onyx is a particular variety of quartz, with natural shades ranging from beige to pinkish brown.
  • On a symbolic level, Onyx brings balance to the mind and body, and is perfect for those who are fickle by nature, as it helps keep our feet on the ground and focus our attention.

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